Intro to Meditation Workshop.

19.04.19 - 20.04.19 (Easter Holidays - Tarifa).

Would you like to learn to meditate? Have you tried to meditate several times and when you do, you feel uncomfortable or do you think you can not relax? This two-day seminar-course is for you!

Throughout these two days of workshop, we will explore various meditation techniques, which will allow you to discover the wide range of options available to quiet the mind and connect with Spirit. Several techniques of group and individual work that will give you several tools to apply to your daily life.


This course will allow you to learn the essence of meditation with a very practical approach so that you can integrate it into your life and experience the great benefits meditation brings.

"The purpose of meditation is to pacify and calm the mind ... when our mind is serene, we stop having worries and afflictions, and for that we enjoy true happiness; but if our mind is not calm, however pleasant the external conditions that surround us may be, we can not be happy. If we train in meditation, we will discover greater peace in our interior and enjoy an increasingly pure happiness. Finally, we will enjoy happiness at all times, even if we have to face the most adverse circumstances (...)

When the turbulence of distractions subsides and the mind calms down, a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction naturally arises that helps us cope with the hustle and bustle of daily life. " How to transform your life from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Maite and her team of qualified collaborators - each in a specific branch - want to offer you the best gift: to quiet the mind and connect with a higher state of Being. It is through connection with Spirit that we stop to feel lonely, and beging to feel and live inspired, vital and vibrant ... Through all the techniques that you will experience, deepen into the layers of your soul. If you have 2 days for you during Easter Week, do not hesitate to sign up!


benefits that meditation offers:

  • Wisdom: You will learn to identify, reduce and eliminate the attitudes that hurt you. You will be able to observe the Truth.

  • Inner peace: relaxing and pacifying the mind is the first step towards inner peace.

  • Positive attitude in life: we learn to handle difficult situations. We will transform the difficulties through equitable observation.

  • Concentration: Your mind will become lucid and clear. It will improve your physical and mental health.

  • Good heart: Your capacity for compassion, empathy and kindness will increase. Therefore, your relationships improve and you will feel closer to others.

  • Happiness and connection: through the connection with a state of the highest soul, you can access the fulfillment of your desires and a fuller life.


what to expect from this workshop?:

From this workshop you will come out:

  • Knowing more meditation techniques than you may know now.

  • More relaxed, intuitive. More connected and awake.

  • Connected with other people with similar interest to yours.


  • 1 day Workshop: 65€.

  • 2 Days Workshop: 120€.

More information:

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation.

  • Beach towels.

  • Swimwear.

  • Flip-flops and sports shoes for walking in nature.

  • Autumn and summer clothes if it refreshes.

  • Blanket or shawl

  • Notebook and pen to take notes and / or draw.

  • Your own bottle of water

Maite Méndez

Organizer of this workshop. Founder of Mandalablue Yoga in 2014 in Indonesia and in 2017 in Tarifa. Yoga teacher and meditation practitioner, she worked for more than 10 years in the corporate world where she met and experience on her own skin the physical and mental effects that stress causes in our lives. After a period in which illness and chronic fatigue were the daily tonic of her day to day, she decided to devote herself completely to helping others to listen to the innate wisdom of the physical body, to listen to the messages that the soul transmits to us through it. According to her, meditation heals everything: "In meditation and especially in silence, you find all the answers you are looking for." In this two-day practical and theoretical workshop, Maite and her team of collaborators will offer different meditation techniques: from traditional hatha yoga in India, silent meditation, Mindfulness, visualization and dance, among others.



Kirtan means chanting mantras together.

The chanting of mantras (Bhakti yoga) is a very powerful meditation.

Connecting with the divine from our intention helps us to connect with our inner silence, with our heart.

It is a meditation through singing, and by allowing our voice to flow, we help our emotions to manifest, which is very healing for our hearts.

It is a very pleasant and relaxing experience where you just have to let yourself flow and let yourself feel.

My name is Prem Sarani, I sing mantras, I play the Harmonio (Indian instrument) for 10 years, and I have been in the world of yoga for more than 30 years.

I have been running kirtan at the Eco Center in Tarifa for 8 years on a weekly basis and I have been a yoga and therapist (osteopath) teacher for many years.